Be Local



I am sure you have seen the bike stations across Fort Worth. I know when I am around the downtown area I see people riding these red bikes with baskets that say Fort Worth B Cycle.  There are 45 different stations set up around Downtown, the Cultural District, Stockyards, Southside, and TCU campus with 350 bikes spread around the city. The system launched on Earth Day April 22, 2013.  This company is helping Fort Worth develop a bicycle culture that maintains healthy habits and a great way to get around Fort Worth.  Their Mission is “To enhance our community by providing an affordable, efficient, environmentally-friendly bike share program that complements our existing public transportation system and provides both residents and visitors a healthy, convenient way to move around our city.” To get yourself a bike all you need is $8 for a 24 hour pass, then ride for 30 minutes, return to any station, then repeat until the pass expires. There is a mobile app that is free to download and check how many bikes are docked near you. They even have a members perk programs that will get you discounts at local businesses with your membership.  I enjoy riding around my city, learning about all the little things you miss while driving.  With the discounts you receive, you can grab some grub, a drink, and enjoy a peaceful afternoon, while being healthy and environmentally conscience.